Unlimit Yourself

About High Peaks Plant-Based Sausage

Because there are no limits to how good life (and plant-based sausages) can be.

What happens when first generation know-how meets third generation appetites? Sausages for all! 

I’m the third generation of sausage makers, and when it was my turn to head the family business, I knew I wanted to make sausages that would fuel our active lifestyles.

I know how good real, whole food tastes. I also love sausages (I mentioned the three generations, right?) Bringing the two together made perfect sense to me, and so High Peaks plant-based sausages came into being. They’re good enough to put on a salad, in a bun, or even on top of a meat lover’s pizza.

Stacie Waters, High Peaks founder

Unlimit yourself with three unique flavors

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